• Heads Up: Rite Aid Plenti Points Expire 7/10 (Use Them While You Can!)


    If you’re a Rite Aid shopper you may have noticed that back in January Rite Aid switched away from the Plenti Points program to the Wellness+ Points system. While you haven’t been earning any Plenti Points since that switch, you may still have some left! Right now you’re still able to redeem your Plenti Points in stores, however any remaining Plenti Points will expire on 7/10, your last day to use them.

    Plenti Points Expiring:

    Only July 10th at 9pm PST, all remaining Plenti Points in your account will expire. Until then, members will continue to have access to any available points and can use those points for savings on eligible purchases at participating Exxon and Mobil gas stations, Rite Aid stores and BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, and Harveys supermarkets. On July 10, 2018, the Plenti program will end. On that date, any unredeemed Plenti points will expire.

    This means you should take the time to check the point balance in your Plenty Points account, and make sure to roll them into Wellness+ Points at Rite Aid, so you don’t lose out. Check out our Rite Aid Deals for ways to spend your points. Additionally, if you just want to use up your points, stock up on household essentials at Rite Aid and pay in Plenti Points! You can also use up your points at Exxon and Mobil gas stations, BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, and Harveys supermarkets.

    For more information on the Plenti Points system ending, click here.

    Rite Aid Wellness+ Point System:

    In Jan 2018, Rite Aid changed their rewards program to the new Wellness+ BonusCash program. If you’ve shopped at Rite Aid since then, you’ve most likely been earning Wellness+ Points. You can sign up for Wellness+ BonusCash here or in-store. Also, you can download the free Rite Aid mobile app to access your loyalty card information.

    For more information about Rite Aid, check out our article on How to Coupon at Rite Aid! 🙂

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    FREE $2 Bonus + Easy Savings Using Just Your Phone with Fetch Rewards


    We have another easy way to save money on the brands and products you love and buy every day, YAY! The Fetch Rewards App is not like other cash back apps – it’s similar, but better in many ways! 🙂

    Before we go into any more details about the Fetch Rewards app, download the app from the App store. Use code D9JFM during signup to get $2 in FREE Money (2000 bonus points). You’ll get the bonus points after submitting your first receipt.

    With Fetch Rewards app, you can redeem as little as $3 in points, and you can redeem your points for Amazon or Target gift cards! Easy to do. Unlike other cash back apps, where you have to wait to hit $20 before you can redeem your cash back.

    Why I Like Fetch Rewards:

    • Redeem as little as $3 in points, and you can redeem your points for Amazon or Target gift cards
    • Shop at any grocery store, drugstore, supermarket, convenience store, liquor store, or club wholesaler! As long as they carry the brands or products featured
    • Submit up to 14 receipts per week, and up to 14 days after you have made the purchases
    • Earn points on both specific products and brands – two ways to earn!

    There are two different ways to earn points with the Fetch Rewards app: by buying specific products and/or specific brands.

    Buy Featured Products

    When you download the app and register, click on the SAVE tab (located at the bottom of your screen) and then click on Special Offers. Here you will find all the featured products you can buy and earn points!

    For example, I had an offer to earn 1,500 points when I buy any Love Beauty And Planet Shampoo or Conditioner. Plus, I also had an offer to earn 20% of my purchase price back in points when I buy any size Nexxus Hair Care Product!

    Buy Featured Brands

    In addition to earning points for buying specific products, there is another way: buying featured brands! Click on the SAVE tab (located at the bottom of your screen) and then click on Brands to check out all the featured brands – there are hundreds of them! 🙂 These offers are great to allow you to purchase any item of your choice within that specific brand.

    Whenever you make a purchase of any product from a brand that’s featured in the Fetch Rewards app, snap a photo of the receipt and earn one point for every 10¢ spent on a participating brand.

    Unlike some other cash back apps, Fetch Rewards doesn’t ask you to clip offers before going to the store, and they don’t limit you in terms of which store you’re making your purchases.  Here’s how to earn points:

    • Take a picture of your receipts (ANY grocery receipt, as long as the brand or product is featured in the app)
    • Earn points for your purchases, with 1,000 points equaling $1
    • Redeem your points for Gift Cards – redeem as little as $3, sweet!

    There are a bunch of gift cards to choose from! Target and Amazon we already mentioned, but you can also choose from the following gift cards: Walmart, eBay, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, Sephora, Ulta, Petco, Nike, Dunkin Donuts, iTunes, Fandango, AMC and Regal Cinemas, and many more! 🙂

    LIVE! School of Couponing – Class of 2018 (Registration Extended to TONIGHT!)

    Expired 115 Comments

    (Extended – ends TONIGHT 6/12) Registration for the School of Couponing (Class of 2018) is LIVE! I’m SOOO Excited! I can’t wait to meet you inside the “School”. This will be a multi-week virtual program with live interactive streaming videos and group support from others in the program. If you can’t make it to the live videos, you’ll get access to relays.

    The cost is just a one-time fee of $5. After paying for software and other related costs, I’ll be giving back what’s left from the proceeds back to the group in the form of a giveaway.

    Please note that registration will only be open until Tonight June 12th at 11:59pm PST. Don’t miss it! Once registration closes, it’ll won’t be open again this year. I don’t know if I will do this again. This may be a one time experiment that I am committed to doing.

    Here’s How to Sign Up to the School:

    • Go here and click on “Register Now
    • Click on “Proceed to checkout“. This will open up paypal.
    • Either click on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button or Login to paypal. Follow the steps to pay the $5. (Don’t close the page when you are finished paying)
    • After paying, it will redirect you to a page that says “Great… it’s all paid up!”  Click on “Complete your registration” from this page. (If you didn’t get redirected, see last bullet under Troubleshoot)
    • Click on Register Now button and follow steps to register. Even if you can’t make it to the first event time, register anyways. There will be replay after the live streaming event.
    • Look for an email with subject “[Important] Open Me for School of Couponing”. Complete the 4 steps in this email to ensure you get the most out of our time together. 🙂 
    • That’s it! 💃 Happy Dance!
    • (TROUBLESHOOT) If you didn’t get redirected to the registration page after payment, email me at tina [at] FreeStuffFinder.com and mention the paypal address you used to pay. And I’ll get you registered.

    About the School of Couponing:

    EEEEEK! I’m shaking a little even typing this. This has been an idea that I’ve been dreaming about for several months now. I’m a little nervous (mostly of the unknown), but I am also SO VERY EXCITED for what’s to come.

    Over the years, I’ve heard from many of you who have been curious and wanting to learn how to coupon. But uncertain of where to start, or feeling afraid to dive in. While there are thousands of videos, blog posts and resources on how to coupon out there, I continued to hear this same feedback and request.

    The problem isn’t a lack of information on “how to”, but rather a lack of support for such a group. Some beginners are afraid to ask newbie questions in groups or on social media, out of fear that they would be laughed at. And many times, some couponing groups can be intolerant towards newbie questions – since they tend to be the same set of questions.

    My dream is to gather a private group of amazing people – to bring this group from newbies into Confident, Experienced Couponers. This group will be a safe environment with mutual support, respect and positivity. Where no questions are considered a “stupid question”.

    Each week we will do deals together (as a group) and compare our experiences. I’ll be doing LIVE interactive videos containing lessons related to couponing, along with simple assignments.  It is going to be AMAZING! I see it. I feel it. I know we will rock it!

    My friends on snapchat (thank you!) voted on the name for this group: School of Couponing.

    Class of 2018! 🙌

    The cost is $5. Here’s why: It’s human nature that we appreciate less for the things we get for Free. So I wanted to add a nominal fee to weed out those who aren’t serious, leaving just those that really want to be here. I will be using this money to do lots of giveaways inside the school.

    You in? Scroll back up for steps on how to sign up.

    VIDEO: How to Organize Coupons – Whole Insert Filing Method


    Hey! I recently setup a new coupon box and I thought it would be interesting to bring you along. Click on the play button above, or click on this link to watch a video on my preferred way on how to organize coupons.

    Once you start collecting Sunday inserts, they can start to pile up quickly into a cluttered mess. There are many ways to organize coupons: You can put whole inserts in a binder, you can pre-cut individual coupons and put them in baseball card holders in a binder or even keeping them in one tall stack. While having individual coupons pre-cut is idea, it is also the most time consuming.

    I prefer the whole insert filing method.  It’s quick! Literally, takes 2 to 5 mins to maintain each week. I plan out my trip each week, and clip the coupons as needed before my trip.

    Materials You Will Need:

    I got everything from Office Depot only because I had reward dollars that was expiring. You can find everything (except Label Once) at almost any store that sells office supplies. Office Depot also had Free next day shipping, so that was nice. I got them here pretty fast and was able to use coupons plus reward dollars.

    Some of the filing supplies such as filing folders comes in a pack of 100. You only need about 20 folders. It might be a good idea to split it with a friend.

    • Filing Box
      • Here is the exact ones I bought (It also comes in navy here). You can also get them at AmazonStaples, Target, Walmart.
      • You can also use a filing crate. I prefer the plastic filing box, since they are portable. You can bring it in your car with a handle.
      • I prefer the file box with storage on top, with a handle. Get letter sized.
    • Hanging Folders
      • Standard letter size hanging folders
      • Here are the exact ones I bought. Comes in variety of cute colors. Again, you can pretty much find this at any store that sells office supplies: AmazonOffice Depot, Staples, Target, Walmart.
    • Filing Folders (Optional)
      • Letter sized filing folders
      • Here are the exact ones I bought.
    • Label Once Erasable File Labels (Optional)
      • This is optional, but I highly recommended. Alternatively, you can also get labels and place new labels over old ones. Or use sticky notes or masking tape. I find the label once to be a more elegant solution.
      • This is the exact one I bought. But perhaps this would be better for the hanging folders (I just saw this now. Note that the link is a refill kit so it doesn’t come with a pen).
      • On the video, I said that the marker it comes with is a white erase marker. But I just realized now that they are actually permanent markers. The material of Label Once allows for permanent markers to be erased. So you technically can use sharpies as well.
    • Sharpie
      • Any brand of permanent marker

    How to Setup:

    #1. Hanging Folder Setup

    • Get 12 hanging folders
    • Add clear tabs on them
    • There are 11 holes to place the tabs. I positioned them so you see 4 tabs at a time without overlapping.  If you want to get it exactly, first tab I placed between 1 and 3 spot. Second tab I placed between 4 and 6. Third tab I placed between 7 and 9. Fourth tab is placed between 9 and 11.
    • Put erasable labels over each tab
    #2. Grab Inserts

    • Get your whole inserts from Sunday newspaper
    • If you get multiple inserts, group them by like inserts. Smart Source, RetailMe Not, P&G
    • TIP: Pull out any extra fliers ads that’s in the insert that doesn’t contain coupons to keep it less bulky
    #3. Write Date & Type on Insert Cover

    • Write “SS 3/25” on the cover of first insert for each type of insert.
    • If you receive multiple Smart Source that are different, label them #1 and #2. ie. “SS 3/25 #1”
    • TIP: You can check the date of your insert by looking on the binding edge. It’s really tiny.
    #4. Write Date on Hanging Holder Label

    Write the Sunday’s date where these inserts were found on the hanging folder label. Keep the newest dates at the front.

    #5. Separate Types of Inserts (Optional)

    If you get multiple inserts, I recommend separating each insert type into its own separate filing folder. In the video I assumed you were getting multiple inserts like me. If you only get 1 or 2 inserts a week, then you can skip this step and use just the hanging folder for the week.

    Insert Names:

    • SS = Smart Source
    • RP = RetailMe Not (Previously called Redplum)
    • P&G = Proctor & Gamble
    #6. Putting P&G At the Front (Optional)

    Additionally, I like to keep my P&G inserts in one folder at the very front of the box. P&G inserts expire within the month and new ones are released every month. It’s something I’ll access often and they usually expire quickly. For that reason, I prefer to keep them where I can quickly access them instead of organizing by date and trying to remember which date current month’s P&G came out on.

    #7. Do a Happy Dance! 💃

    That’s it! Now do a happy dance. You are on your way to coupon organization bliss. 🙂 It’ll only take you a couple of minutes each week to file them away and stay organized.

    Now that they are all organized by date and insert name, you will be able to quickly location your coupons when you are ready to do a deal. Every coupon deal we post on FSF, we’ll indicate where to locate that insert coupon (ie. “SS 3/25, x4/25” – that means you can find it from SmartSource 3/25 and that the coupon expires on 4/25).

    I typically keep 12 week’s worth of inserts in my coupon box. Adding new weeks to the front of the box. Once I’ve filled all 12 week’s spots, take out the oldest folder (at the back), pull out the inserts, re-name the label, and re-use for the current week.  Go thru the old inserts to see if there are any good coupons that haven’t expired.  Optionally, if you prefer to keep your coupons for even longer, you can also pull this folder out and move it into an overflow coupon box (Second box).

    Each week, I plan my trips, and clip out just the coupons that I will be using for that trip. I put them in an envelope for each store I’m visiting. I’ve also used a canvas pencil pouch in the past. But found that paper envelops were easier. I still use a canvas pencil pouch to hold my receipts for each store.

    Many people also like to keep a small accordion folder or small coupon organizer to store their clipped coupons. You can organize each tabs by major categories you coupon for.  I found mine (plastic one) at Staples in the clearance bin. I’ve also gotten them from Target before. Lots of options. Here are some options on Amazon with great reviews:  this one (comes in pink!) and this one.

    RIP Adolfo


    I am so deeply saddened.

    I got news this morning that a beloved member of team FSF passed away last week.

    Adolfo has been the Target expert between 2014 and 2017. He was a Major contributor to the many deals you may have scored in the last few years, including many, many, many unadvertised sales and scenarios at Target. He was also responsible for the massive undertaking that is the Target weekly matchup each week. That was his baby for 3 years – he took care of her with such diligence and care.

    He was kind, smart, passionate and silly. He was also the most considerate person, always willing to help anyone on the team. I loved him. We all loved him.

    Being the only male couponer on the team, he was our very own special unicorn. He loved deals. When the girls and I would get excited about a tampon deal or a curling wand deal, he would get excited with us and rush to do the deals for his sisters or mom.

    Every Black Friday, he’d stay up all night with me, making sure I was okay before he signed off. He always thought about other people. Always.

    I miss you Adolfo. I love you. My heart is broken. The world isn’t the same without you. You were a GOOD person.

    We are all deeply saddened. My heart goes out to his family.

    If you see this. Will you whisper a prayer tonight?

    May our beloved Adolfo Rest in Peace. May the people who love him heal from this terrible loss.

    RedPlum is Retiring this Sunday – Rebranded as “RetailMeNot Everyday” 😳


    Calling all my coupon fam! Starting this Sunday, March 25th, RedPlum inserts will be rebranded as “RetailMeNot Everyday”. The insert publication schedule for the rest of this year will remain the same as RedPlum previously scheduled. As always, you will still get them in your Sunday papers or in the mail. Besides manufacturer’s coupons for groceries and consumer packaged goods, Valassis  that we will also be seeing deals on restaurants and other local discounts.

    I don’t know about you. But I will forever call this insert “RP”. What about you? I don’t think I can get used to saying RMNE 😂. Or I guess “RE” wouldn’t be so bad.  If it was up to me, I would have rebranded it to something where the second word starts with the letter P. Something like “RetailMeNot Plus”.

    For now you can still snag your RedPlum Printable Coupons from the website, however they will eventually move to the RetailMeNot Everyday website in conjunction with the new branded inserts.

    What’s a RedPlum? What’s an insert? – Inserts are coupon booklets found inside Sunday newspapers. You might see us referencing these weird acronyms from coupon deal posts. They reference the insert name and which Sunday that coupon can be found in. If you are new and want to learn how to save using coupons, go here.

    CONFIRMED: Toys R Us & Babies R Us OFFICIALLY Closing ALL Stores!


    It’s Official!
    After 70 years in business, Toys R Us has just announced that they’ll be closing ALL of their retail stores across the nation. The chain has made it clear to their 30,000 employees that they’ll be shutting down for good, including Toys R Us Express and Babies R Us locations. Read more here.

    If you have any gift cards available, you’ll want to use these now before stores begin closing. Keep an eye out at your local store, as they’ll be hosting liquidation sales for remaining stock – you may score some great deals that can be stashed for birthdays and Christmas. Click here to find a location near you!

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    4 BEST Baby Registry Freebies



    Are you on Instagram? Follow my Baby IG account here – Just for deals for baby, toddlers and kids. Go Here for the latest Baby Deals.

    How to Get FREE Baby Stuff.

    Having a baby is expensive. Like, really expensive. A recent study estimated that parents will spend an average of $12,000 just in the baby’s first year of life. That is one hefty chunk of change!

    It’s no surprise, then, that any sort of baby registry freebies expectant parents can get are very, very welcome. Listed below are 4 baby registries that give you some great freebies upon creation. Whether it’s a free gift box valued at $35 or a FREE gift card, you’ll score lots of goodies just for filling out your registry at these places!

    1. Target


    If you have been couponing for any length of time, it’s safe to say that you know how amazing Target is. It should come as no surprise, then, that their baby registry is just as fantastic. Not only is it easy to do your Target baby registry online here, but the next time you go into the store you can score a nice welcome pack. Just stop by Guest Services to get yours!

    When I got mine, it included a MAM pacifier, sample pack of diapers, Avent bottle, tons of samples and even a Free Starbucks coupons. TOTALLY free! Plus, after your baby is born you will receive a coupon to get an additional 15% off whatever is left on your registry. You can start your Target baby registry here. Learn more about this here.

    Bonus: 15% off Completion Coupon – 8 weeks before your due date, you will also receive a coupon for 15% Off on anything left on your registry. You can use this online or in stores.

    2. Amazon


    Amazon is another fabulous place to register. Not only is it extremely convenient for your guests, but they offer a FREE Baby Box worth $35 when you complete your registry and make a $10 or more purchase from your registry. (Need Help? Follow the steps outline here to get  your FREE Baby box). I registered at Amazon and got a box stuffed with goodies. It came with a Seventh Generation diaper, sample size Johnson & Johnson baby wash, organic prenatal vitamin samples, baby lotion samples, an Avent bottle, tons of coupons and more! If you don’t get everything you need, you can also score a registry completion coupon good for 10% off a registry item for non-Prime members or 15% off for Prime members. Start your Amazon baby registry here.

    3. BuyBuy Baby

    Buy Buy Baby Registry copy

    BuyBuy Baby isn’t as common as Target or Walmart; there aren’t as many locations. But, it’s still a great place to create a baby registry if you have one near you. Did you know that BuyBuy Baby is owned by Bed Bath & Beyond? That means those Bed Bath and Beyond mailer coupons are accepted here! Not only that, but when you create a registry at BuyBuy Baby, you are given personalized assistance from an employee, a FREE sample goodie bag (which also includes a BuyBuy Baby coupon plus a TON of freebies and samples) and a FREE pack of baby announcement cards.  That’s a lot of freebies! Start your BuyBuy Baby registry here.

    4. Motherhood Maternity

    Motherhood Maternity copy

    Motherhood Maternity offers a Free bag to expecting and new moms. Just go into stores and ask for “The Welcome Bag”. You should also sign up for emails for, as well. Motherhood Maternity doesn’t offer a registry but they do offer a ton of great freebies! I signed up for Motherhood Maternity email list and got a nice coupon off my online purchase. Then, the next time I was in-store, I scored a sweet freebie swag bag. It included a $20 Shutterfly credit, a FREE Zarbees onesie offer, a high value coupon for The Picture People, several samples and additional coupons. Just the Shutterfly credit was totally worth the signup! You can sign up for Motherhood Maternity emails here. Make sure you mention/request the goodie bag in-store!

    Want to See the Latest Baby Deals? Click here to our Baby Category to filter and view only baby related deals. Follow my Baby Only Deals Instagram account here.

    Still Available! Deluxe FREE Sample Box + FREE Shipping


    Samples still available! HURRY to claim!

    HURRY! Today (11/14) is PINCHme Sample TuesdayNEW SAMPLES are STILL LIVE on PINCHme for this month’s sample release! As usual, Quantities are limited; first come, first served. You can IMPROVE your chances of getting more samples by logging in to your PinchMe account and completing your profile, checking for any Bonus Questions, and leaving feedback for previous boxes.

    Here’s What to Do:

    • Click Here to PINCHme
    • Click “Get Started” (or Log-In if you’re already a member)
    • Fill in your info and click “Sign Up”
    • Follow the steps to complete your profile
    • Tip: A more complete profile increases your chances of getting more samples. Be sure to answer everything you can!
    • Then – do this:
      • Click here and sign-in to see the freebies available to you. Everyone will get slightly different products based on member profile.
      • When you see a product available to you, click “Add to Box
      • Then click Checkout Now on the top. Continue to follow the instructions on page to check out.
      • You’ll get your box of FREE Samples in the mail within a few weeks. Be sure to try everything out, and leave honest feedback after receiving 🙂

    NEW? PINCHme is a monthly box of FREE Samples that lets you try products from the world’s leading brands in exchange for your feedback. Each month an amazing range of free samples are released on PINCHme for members to claim, including beauty, personal care, home, grocery, baby, pet and more.

    Free Samples Available This Month (November):

      For the pets:
      For the foodies:

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      11 HOTTEST Toys for Holiday 2017


      Can you believe Christmas 2017 is just 10 weeks away?!? Here are the Top 11 Most Wished For Toys for this Holiday season. Remember the Hatchimals craze from last year (2016)? Or Pie Face from 2015? This is THAT list for 2017! I have been obsessively tracking these toys and alerting you guys when they become available. Some on the list usually sell out fast once they become available.

      Many of these toys are sold out but stores are replenishing. Keep a look out for these in stores and online.  I’ve included links to all the stores that carry each toy.

      What’s on your kiddo’s Most Wished For Toy List this year?

      Pssst…. FYI: I’ll also be Giving Away many of these toys (that I was able to score) back to you guys on this blog and . (Stay tuned!)

      1. Super NES Classic Edition:

      There’s a new pocket-sized version pre-loaded with 21 of the all-time greatest games! Just plug it in and play. It’s currently being sold for $79.99. My husband and I lined up outside on opening day to score some. Target has since done a second shipment of them. Hopefully a few more shipments will come in before Christmas.

      2. L.O.L Big Surprise:

      The L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise is a limited edition toy that contains 50 layers of surprise for the ultimate unboxing experience. Each case contains 50 limited edition surprise inside, including 2 dolls and accessories. There are multiple layers in this Surprise Ball which, when opened, reveal a new surprise. The last layer contains a doll with a unique outfit and personality. The ball later becomes a purse carrying case, storage case and bath playset! Its retail price is $69.99.

      3. Fingerlings:

      Fingerlings are adorable baby monkeys that cling to your fingers and go where you go. These interactive pets react to sound, motion, touch and produce fun little monkey noises and movement.  If you haven’t seen them in action, you have to watch this video. They come in a variety of colors. Their retail price starts from $14.84.

      Additionally, ToysRUS also has an Exclusive Unicorn variety – Fingerlings Baby Unicorn for $14.99.

      4. Luvabella Doll:

      The Luvabella or the Luvabeau Doll (boy version) is the most interactive doll ever made. She moves, talks, interacts and plays like a real baby. I was curious why this doll had such a high starting price until I looked into it and understood why. The doll has amazing reviews from parents for how interactive it is.

      You can teach her to speak (from Babble to over 100 words). She plays peek-a-boo when you cover her eyes and giggles if you tickle her tummy. The doll sleeps, plays with toys, takes a bottle/pacifier, moves arms, neck and face and even blinks! Plus, it can say things unexpectedly and you can even hear its heartbeat – crazy! Prices range from $99.99 up to $198.99. We were able to score some at Target a few weeks ago using the toy coupon for $79. 

      5. Hatchimals Surprise:

      Hatchimals are adorable collectible creatures that come inside small, speckled eggs which need your help to hatch! This time, the Hatchimals Surprise come in a larger egg and allows you to hatch two collectibles – twin HatchimalsThese can learn new things at each stage – talk, dance, sing, tell jokes, play games and more! They even interact with each other, just like siblings. Retailers also carry special edition exclusive varieties such as “Zuffin”, the Walmart Exclusive and “Ligull”, the Target Exclusive. Price from $54.99 to $69.99.

      Additionally, the Hatchimals Colleggtibles are also very popular (my kids love them!). They are tiny eggs with a small toy inside. With over 70 Colleggtibles to collect, they would make cute stocking stuffers. 

      6. Tamagotchi:

      Whoa! Talk about a flashback from the past! I remember these from when I was in high school…20 years ago! lol. Yes, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of Tamagotchi in the United States.  Tamagotchi is a digital pet you need to feed, clean up after and take care of – just like you would do with a real live pet! Retail price is $14.99 and it’s sold out everywhere!

      7. Toy Kitchen Sink with Water Faucet

      I don’t know what’s up with these BUT this toy is ALL the RAGE right now! It comes in several brands and for some reason, they are all sold out at the manufacturer’s retail price. The toys all have one commonality: toy sink where you can re-fill water so the faucet on the toy will have running water. Three different toy companies make them. I have each toy brand listed and linked below.

      (Option 1) Little Tikes Kitchen Sink and Stove:

      With the real working faucet kids can wash dishes just like a grown up! Accessories and clicking knobs included! Manufacture Retail price $19.99 but they are currently scalping for over $50.

      (Option 2) Spark Kitchen Sink:

      Motorised tap pumps water just like a real kitchen sink! It also includes a bunch of accessories like forks, brush, detergent, etc. Prices range from $14.97 up to $43.99.

      (Option 3) Just Like Home Kitchen Sink:

      This Kitchen Sink Set includes 23 pieces and has real running water! Water drains into the sink and back into the faucet for a continuous flow without overflowing. You can pump the pretend dish soap and use the brush to scrub and clean the dishes, then put them in the drying rack. Hours of play! Manufacturer’s Retail Price: $19.99.

      8. Xbox One X:

      The world’s most powerful console! With 40% more power than any other console, the Xbox One X allows you to experience immersive true 4K gaming. Retailing for $499.99. This will be released on November 7, 2017 and is expected to sell out very quickly. You may be able to pre-order from some retailers.

      9. Nintendo Switch:

      Nintendo Switch transforms from home console to portable system in a snap. Can be found priced at anywhere from $299.99 to $359.99. One controller or two, vertical or sideways, motion controls or buttons – Joy‑Con and Nintendo Switch give you total gameplay flexibility.

      10. FurReal Roarin’ Tyler, The Playful Tiger:

      This adorable furball, Tyler the Playful Tiger, responds to sounds and produces over 1000 sound and motion combinations. He even reacts to his squeaky toy – cute!! And he’s much bigger in real life than expected. Sells for $129.99.

      11. LEGO Ideas Nasa Apollo Saturn V:

      Here’s something for older kids (and adults) who love Legos. This Limited Edition Lego sets is sold out everywhere. The set features three removable rocket stages and is packed with authentic details. It also includes three stands to display the model horizontally, 3 new astronaut microfigures for role-play recreations of the Moon landings plus a booklet about the manned Apollo missions. Retail price $119.99.

      (Pic from hothbricks.com)

      Honest Company Settlement: Up To $25 Check (No Proof of Purchase Required)


      (Ends 10/23) If you have purchased at least one select Honest Company Product between January 17, 2012 and July 10, 2017, go here and submit a claim, as you may be eligible for up to $2.50 in compensation for each item purchased. You can claim up to 10 products without proof of purchase, or unlimited products with proof. Submit by 10/23/17 for compensation.  Go here for more details!

      Settlement Details:

      The lawsuits allege that Honest engaged in unfair and deceptive practices related to its marketing, advertising and labeling of certain Honest products. Honest denies each and every one of the allegations but has agreed to settle in an effort to avoid further legal fees.

      HAPPY Father’s Day to Special Dads!

      Happy Father’s Day! My daughter Sophie (4 yrs old) came into our room at 5am this morning. It was still dark out. I asked her “Honey, what are you doing up so early?” She leaned in closer with her messy morning locks and whispered: “I want to wish Daddy a Happy Mother’s Day!” 😂

      I love this man (aka “Mr FSF”). He truly is the best daddy in the universe. Thank you for protecting us, for providing for us, and for being a role model for how good fathers should be.

      Wishing you and the special men in your life… Happy Father’s Day!

      ❤ Love,

      *NEW* Multiple Redemption Offers on Ibotta (Get Cash Back on More than One Item!)

      Heads up! Ibotta is making some great changes! You may have offers with multiple redemptions allowed, meaning you can score cash back for purchasing more than one item – sweet! This will make couponing even easier in scenarios where you’re buying multiple items.

      Here’s what to do:

      • Click Here to sign up for Ibotta
      • Make sure you have the latest version of the Ibotta app installed
      • Browse offers – you will see some offers with “Limit 2 per receipt” listed beneath the offer details

      To submit your receipt for a multiple redemption offer:

      • After uploading your receipt (but before you scan the product) you’ll see an option to “Change Quantity”
      • Set that option to 2 (or more, depending on the offer and your purchase quantity)
      • Scan all items you want to redeem cash back for
      • Submit!

      Not familiar with Ibotta? Ibotta is a smartphone rebate app you can use to help your family save extra money on everyday purchases. Simply browse through the offers on the app, make your purchase as usual in store, then snap a photo of your receipt at home to score cash back on your purchase. All with no coupon printing or clipping required! Check out Ibotta now! 🙂


      6 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without the Target REDcard (FREE Popcorn is one)


      6 Reasons You Need a Target REDcard

      Here at Emc Freedom, we absolutely love couponing at Target. There are so many ways to save that it makes it easy for anyone to do. One of the biggest ways to save is using a Target REDcard. Not looking to get roped into another store credit card? Spoiler alert: You don’t have to! Do you primarily use your standard bank debit card or credit card at Target anyways? Find out why you should apply for the Target REDcard to rack up those savings!

      😍 Psssst…. Until May 20th, 2017, open a New Target REDcard, and you’ll receive an extra 10% Off purchase coupon! The coupon will apply on your entire transaction, on top of the 5% Off savings when you use your redcard.💃 If you’ve been thinking about opening a REDcard, now is the time to do it! This is a limited time offer.

      1. It doesn’t have to be a Target credit card.


      The REDcard is available as a Target credit card OR a debit card. That means you can score all the savings without having to deal with paying off another credit card each month or getting a credit check! It’s deducted straight from the existing checking account it’s attached to, just like any other debit card. This automatically makes it superior to other store payment cards.

      Think of it this way, if you’re already using your bank debit card to pay at Target, you may as well opt for the Target REDcard debit card to pay to score additional benefits and savings. Best of all, both of these options are completely FREE!

      2. Extra 5% off everything. All the time.


      How would you like to save hundreds of dollars per year without doing anything except swiping your card? Target REDcard holders score an additional 5% off their purchases all the time, every time. This is extra savings on top of coupons and Cartwheel offers.

      Ready for a secret? The 5% discount even applies to non-target, third-party gift cards – discounted Disney trip, anyone? Starbucks?

      Your savings will track automatically at the bottom of every receipt you use your REDcard for – you’ll be surprised how much it adds up! There are some limitations. For example, the 5% will not come off of Target Optical exams, prescriptions or Target gift card purchases (Clarification: Target Gift Cards are treated differently than 3rd-party gift cards such as Starbucks or Disney Gift Cards. You can’t get the discount on Target Gift Cards but you can on the Non-Target Gift Cards). But for regular purchases of things such as household or baby items, it definitely applies!

      3. Free shipping on all purchases.

      Target REDcard holders score FREE shipping on all purchases from Target.com. Non-cardholders have to pay shipping on all purchases under $25, so this is a nice little way to save an average of $8 (or more) shipping cost on all orders. Additionally, there is no coupon code required; just pay with your REDcard and the shipping charge will automatically be deducted along with your additional 5% off.

      4. Extended returns on all purchases.


      On top of everything else, you’ll get extended returns on all purchases (online and in-store). If you buy something with your Target REDcard and later decide you don’t want it, you’ll get an additional 30 days to return it. That’s a total of up to 120 days to return an item! Regret buying all those random Christmas decors from 90% off clearance? No problem. You have until May to return it if you present your REDcard.

      Lose receipts easily? Yon won’t even need to keep it for returns! As long as you paid for the item using your Target REDcard, they’ll be able to find the item and credit you back to your card! How awesome is that?

      5. Exclusive coupons.


      Occasionally, Target REDcard holders will be sent exclusive mailer coupons from Target. For me, these have only come a couple of times a year at most. But, whenever I do get them they are always rare, high-value savings that non-cardholders are missing out on. The last one I got had a coupon for a FREE Dozen eggs! Don’t miss out! 

      6. Occasional FREEBIES


      Every once in awhile, Target REDcard holders are sent exclusive offers for FREEBIES from the Target Cafe or the Starbucks locations in-stores. These are usually fun freebies like FREE popcorn, FREE Icees, etc. You don’t need a coupon or anything to get these. Just watch for when the freebies are advertised in-store (or check here) and show your REDcard instead of paying!


      Save extra money all the time, whether it’s from your additional 5% off, free shipping, or exclusive coupons. Plus, get extended return periods! With all of these great perks, how can you afford to NOT have one? Sign up for your Target REDcard today. It’s easy and FREE!

      Thanks, Elayna S from our Target Facebook Group for the photo of your Target coupons!

      HAPPY EASTER – Get Ready for 50% to 90% off Clearances Starting Monday


      HAPPY EASTER! I hope you have an AMAZING Day! My kids were up at 6am in anticipation for the goodies the Easter Bunny left for them. We had a blast doing the egg hunt that the bunny had left. 🙂 I was especially giddy, since I had scored most of the Easter eggs and little toys last year from 90% off clearance at Target and CVS. Paying between $0.10-$0.30. #Winning!

      Reminder that Target is closed today. However, starting tomorrow (Monday, 4/17), all non-food Easter items will be at 50% off Clearance. So candy will be at 30% off. 70% off will hit later in the week (likely between Thursday to Saturday). And eventually 90% off will follow (usually 2 days after 70% off has hit).


      Everything in the above picture (except the stuffed bunny – My husband bought at full price *Argh*) I had scored for 70% to 90% off from previous years (including the Hello Kitty basket). My favorite finds from last year were the Target Dollar Spot finds from 90% off (like the lip balm kit or the socks) and the giant pre-filled Easter Eggs from CVS 90% off clearance.

      Post holiday clearances are one of my favorite times to dig through stores and stock up for the next year. In this way, I avoid paying full price on holiday decor and holiday-themed goodies for my kids. I usually wait until 70% to 90% off before I go (unless there’s something I really want – then I’ll go at 50% off clearance). If you are new to clearance hunting, I would recommend going at 50% off instead of waiting, just to get some clearance experience under your belt.

      I’ll be posting when Target hits 70% and 90% off when they happen. Make sure to Like my NEW Target Only Facebook Account Here and Follow my Target IG Account here. Also, if you haven’t already, join our community of over 80,000 Target fans at the Target Group here.

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