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    Couponing at Rite Aid

    In the grand scheme of all drugstores, Rite Aid is definitely one you want to learn how to coupon at. Between their new Plenti Points program that also works with big name stores like Macy’s (hello, holiday shopping!), weekly moneymaker deals, ROLLING points and much more, it’s a fantastic place to get some crazy good coupon deals and freebies.

    Do I have your attention yet? Okay, then let’s dive in and learn how to coupon at Rite Aid!

    Lesson #1: Wellness+ with Plenti Points

    In early 2015, Rite Aid changed their rewards program to the new Wellness+ with Plenti Points program. If you don’t know anything about the Wellness+ with Plenti Points program, you’re about to get really excited because, to put it plainly, it is awesome!

    You can sign up for Wellness+ Plenti Points here or in-store. Also, you can download the free Rite Aid mobile app to access your loyalty card information.

    1. Wellness+


    Wellness+ is the name of the loyalty program specific to Rite Aid, but being a member allows you to earn Plenti Points that can be spent at multiple stores. You also score easy save-to-card paperless coupons and exclusive members-only access to sale prices. In addition to this, you also earn Wellness+ points, which are separate from Plenti Points.


    Wellness+ points are an easy way to earn coupons are additional percentages off your future purchase.You earn 1 Wellness+ point for every $1.00 you spend (calculated pre-coupons). For every set amount of Wellness+ points you earn, you get a certain status with the loyalty program. For example, every 100 Points earned gets you Bronze Status and a 10% off coupon, until you get to Silver status, which cost 500 Points. That will get you a permanent 10% off nearly the entire store for a YEAR. Additionally, Gold status cost 1000 Points and gets you a permanent 20% off nearly the entire store for a YEAR. It’s awesome extra savings!

    Wellness+ Points track for one calendar year before they reset back to 0.

    2. Load2Card Coupons


    Being a member of the rewards program also gives you access to exclusive Load2Card coupons. These are primarily manufacturer coupons, but also occasionally store coupons. As with other coupons, they can be stacked (1 manufacturer + 1 store coupon) on the same items. You can ONLY access Load2Card coupons if you are a Wellness+ Plenti Rewards member.

    3. Plenti Points

    The Plenti Points program is separate from Wellness+ points, but you can (and do) earn BOTH on your transactions. You’ll want to sign up for a Plenti Points card in-store. Note that if you’re already signing up for the Wellness+ Plenti Points Program, you’ll be enrolled in Plenti Points as well. You can sign up online, but keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for your card to be mailed to you before you can start earning points. If you sign up in-store, you can start earning points right away, but must complete your registration online before you can redeem them.

    Lesson #2: How Plenti Points Works

    Plenti Points are, far and away, the reason that Rite Aid is the absolute best. They work at multiple stores, there are tons of different promotions to earn them each week AND they don’t expire for two years!

    1. Plenti Points are Good at Many Stores

    Once you get your Plenti Points card, activate it so you can rack up savings at stores other than just Rite Aid. You can earn AND redeem Plenti Points by shopping at Rite Aid, Macy’s, AT&T, Mobil and many more! What other rewards program will give back to you for that kind of shopping?

    2. How to Earn Plenti Points at Rite Aid

    To earn Plenti Points at other stores, watch for special promotions. Typically, your earnings will vary by store. However, 1000 Points = $10 Savings.

    Rite Aid offers additional special promotions weekly and monthly that makes it possible to earn more Points more quickly. You can follow all of the Rite Aid deals and Points promotions here.

    Rite Aid Rake in the Points

    Monthly Threshold Promotions:

    Rite Aid will offer monthly threshold offer promotions, meaning you’ll earn Plenti Points for a set amount of money you spend. This is something like “Spend $50 on Participating Products, get back $20 in Plenti Points”. These are calculated pre-coupons, so you can stack this Points back offer with coupons and also with a unit Points back offer.

    Rite Aid Unit Promotion Example

    Unit Promotions:

    In addition to monthly promotions, Rite Aid offers weekly unit promotions. These are awarded for purchasing certain quantities of items rather than certain dollar amounts. A unit promotion may look something like this, “Buy 2 Soft & Dry Deodorant, Get 400 Plenti Points”. Remember, 1000 Plenti Points = $10, so 400 Plenti Points = $4. The number of times you can do unit promotions will vary, but in the ad each one will indicate “Limit 1”, “Limit 2”, etc. These promotions will vary weekly and offer a great way to get freebies and moneymakers when combined with coupons!

    3. Redeeming Plenti Points: Roll them!


    So, you earn Plenti Points by stacking coupons with threshold and unit promotions to get the lowest out-of-pocket price. Often, you’ll get a deal where you spend less or as much as the Points you’re earning back, making the net price of your transaction $0!

    The best way to take advantage of these nice freebie and moneymaker offers is to do something called Rolling. This is where you organize your transactions each week to pay using the Points you earned from the week before. This ensures that, week to week, you’re shopping for a large quantity of items without spending hardly any money out of pocket!

    When you go to redeem Plenti Points, the credit card machine at the register will give you the option of redeeming Points. If you click yes, be aware that it will redeem ALL of your Points available at that time. If you wish to redeem less than all that you have available, it’s best to talk to the cashier to redeem a lower amount on that specific transaction.

    Plenti Points you earn today can only be redeemed after 6am the next day.  However, if you have points you earned from a previous day, you can use those to pay for your transaction today.  You can still earn points when you are redeeming points to pay for your transaction.

    Knowing this, some people prefer to do one big transaction each week, using Points from the week before to pay and earning Points for the following week’s shopping. This method definitely keeps you from having to go into Rite Aid daily. Plenti Points don’t expire for two years after they’re awarded, so you’ve got plenty of time!

    Fun Fact: The coolest thing about Rite Aid Plenti points is that you can use it to pay towards tax. This is a very rare perk for store rewards.

    Lesson #3: Understanding Sales & Coupon Policy


    Now we know how the Wellness+ Plenti Points rewards program works, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of sales and coupon policy.

    1. Sales


    Like many stores, Rite Aid offers weekly sale prices and promotions, such as BOGO 50% off. These are advertised in their weekly ad and in-store sale tags. You can also find the weekly deals on our Rite Aid Weekly Matchup here.

    There are also Monthly sales and promotions. Sometimes the monthly sales overlap with weekly sales, thus creating a double-dip situation where you can take advantage of both sales for extreme savings.

    2. Rite Aid coupons


    These can be found in the weekly ad, occasionally as Load2Card coupons and on their Facebook page. Note that the coupons on Rite Aid’s Facebook page are limited to 10,000 prints, so getting them is time-sensitive.

    Rite Aid store coupons will say “Manufacturer’s coupon” on them with the Rite Aid logo. Rite Aid coupons all have barcodes starting with “RC”. These can be stacked with normal Manufacturer’s coupons.

    3. Coupon Policy

    Rite Aid has one of the best coupon policies around. You can see a copy of it on their website here.

    • Use up to four of the same coupons in one transaction.
    • Use up to THREE coupons on one item. One manufacturer coupon, one Rite Aid store coupon and  one peelie coupon (a manufacturer coupon found adhered to the item in-store).
    • Stack a Buy One Get One Free coupon with a cents-off coupon. This means if you have a Buy One Get One Free Tampax coupon, you can use it in conjunction with a $2.00/1 Tampax coupon on the same two items. You cannot use a coupon on the item you’re getting for FREE, but you can use the cents-off coupon on the item you’re paying for.
    • “Total Purchase” coupons are calculated before other coupons. So, if you have a special Rite Aid threshold coupon for something like $5 off your $25 purchase, you only have to get to $25 BEFORE all other coupons. Then, hand over your $5 off coupon first and follow it up with all of your other coupons.
    • You can use two coupons on BOGO 50% off promotions (one for each item). Keep in mind if the value of the coupon exceeds the price of the item, it will be adjusted down.
    • You cannot stack a BOGO Free sale with a BOGO Free coupon.

    Lesson #4: Putting it all Together

    Now that we understand the loyalty program and the way their coupon policy works, let’s put it all together to get a great deal at Rite Aid! Check out this nice example deal:


    ► Buy (4) Revlon Mascara @$8.99/ea = $35.96
    ► Buy (4) Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner @$8.29/ea = $33.16
    (online price)
    Buy One Get One 50% Off = -$16.60
    Subtotal: $52.52
    Use (4) Free Revlon Mascara wyb Eyeliner (SS 9/11, x9/25) = -$35.96
    Pay: $16.56
    Get Back: 2,000 Plenti Points when you buy $50 (like $20, limit 2)
    Final Price: Free +$3.44 Moneymaker

    This means:

    • You’re purchasing FOUR Revlon Mascaras at $8.99 each and FOUR Revlon ColorStay Eyeliners at $8.29 each for a total of $69.12. The “online price” means that the starting price of $8.99 is an online price because the promotion doesn’t have an advertised fixed price, this means that the in store price may vary by region (higher or lower in some regions).
    • You will automatically get $16.60 deducted because there is a current BOGO 50% off sale for these Revlon items, making your subtotal $52.52.
    • You’ll use FOUR FREE Revlon Mascara WYB Eyeliner coupons from Smartsource insert that came out on 9/11 for a total deduction value of $35.96.
    • You’ll pay out of pocket $16.56 (+ tax), but get back 2,000 Plenti Points (= $20) because you’ve spent at least $50 and the monthly threshold promotion states “Spend $50, get $20 in Points”.
    • Your final net price is FREE plus $3.44 moneymaker!

    Do these transactions seem complicated to you? Don’t worry, here at Emc Freedom we break them all down for you to take out the guesswork. Check out the Weekly Deals & Matchups Here. Now you’re ready to go coupon shopping at Rite Aid! I wish you success! 🙂 Bye!

    If you’re a complete newbie, it’s also a good idea to check out these How to Coupon articles to help you get started.


    Additional Helpful Information: 

    If you’re having any problems with a cashier, it’s best to try to speak to the manager on duty to resolve the issue. If that manager is unwilling or unable to help you, you can also try .


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